AEA Bylaws


Section 1-     There shall be general membership meetings as necessary during this school year as determined by the President and the Executive Board.

Section 2-     The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the President or at the request of a majority of the Executive Board.


     A quorum for the Executive Board and committees shall be a majority of its members.  A quorum for general membership meetings shall be one-third (1/3) of the total membership.

     The formal decision-making process used by the Executive Board will be a simple majority vote.


Section 1-     President:  The President shall preside over meetings of the Executive Board, appoint the chairpersons and members of standing committees and units, appoint special committees, be ex officio a member of all standing committees and units and shall be the executive officer of the Acton Education Association.  The President shall represent the Acton Education Association before the public either personally or through delegates, and shall perform all other functions usually attributed to this office.  The President shall approve all expenditures made by the Acton Education Association.  The President shall prepare a budget for the year, following consultation from the Treasurer and Chairpersons, to be submitted to the Executive Board by September 30.

Section 2-     Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall perform the functions usually attributed to the office.  He/she shall work closely with several standing committees and/or units as the President may suggest and be ex officio a member of all standing committees and units, and assume responsibility for representing the Association at meetings and for specific functions, as agreed upon by the President and Vice-President.

     The Vice-President will ensure that the Secretary's minutes and Treasurer's report from each Executive Board meeting are disseminated to the membership.

Section 3-     Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all regular meetings and executive board meetings and shall assist the President with Acton Education Association correspondence.

Section 4-     Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall hold the funds of the Acton Education Association and disburse them upon authorization by the President.  He/she shall bill the members for annual dues and collect them.  He/she will maintain a roll of members of the Acton Education Association, and shall encourage all faculty to become members.  Membership dues will be transmitted to the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association.  He/she shall keep accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements and shall report at each meeting of the executive Board of the Acton Education Association, and shall prepare monthly and annual financial statements.  He/she shall keep the President and Executive Board informed of the financial condition of the Acton Education Association.  He/she shall be bonded by the Association.

Section 5-     Terms and Succession

     The officers may be re-elected without an intervening term.


     The Executive Board shall:
          •     Act in an advisory capacity to the President
          •     Make Association decisions
          •     Enact policy through voting


Section 1-     In each public school in the Acton or Acton-Boxborough Regional School Systems, faculty members who are members in good standing of the Acton Education Association shall elect for a term of one year Faculty Representatives who are also members in good standing of the Acton Education Association.  Schools whose faculties number 1-45 may elect one faculty representative.  Schools who faculties number 46-75 may elect two faculty representatives.  Schools whose faculties number 76 or more may elect three faculty representatives.  The term of the faculty representative shall run during the school year following his/her election. 

Section 2-     Faculty Representatives shall attend the regular meetings of the Executive Board.

Section 3-     The Faculty Representatives may call faculty meetings of the Acton Education Association members to discuss Acton Education Association business and shall maintain two-way Association communication within the building.


Section 1-     Structure:  There shall be five standing committees carrying the specific functions outlined below.  All members of the committees must be members in good standing of the Acton Education Association.

Section 2-     Meetings:  Each standing committee shall meet at the call of its chairperson.

Section 3-     Titles and Duties:

     A.     The Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee shall explore and prepare action programs for securing satisfactory personnel policies and procedures for the redress of grievances.

     Upon receiving notification of a problem, the PR & R Committee member will follow the contractual procedures.

     Whenever deemed possible, the Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee will have two co-chairpersons, one local and one regional, and up to one representative per building.  The appropriate co-chair is responsible for filing all grievances.

     B.     Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for the raising of funds for the Association Scholarship, which will be awarded to worthy students in the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District.  The Committee shall be responsible for the raising of all other funds for the benefit and use of the Association.  The Committee shall also assist the President in the coordination of activities requiring expenditures of AEA funds.
          C.     The Professional Negotiations Committee shall explore and prepare action programs as necessary in all areas of teacher welfare with particular responsibility for salaries, leave, fringe benefits, insurance, credit and investment facilities, and general working conditions.
               The Negotiations Committee will be composed of the President, his or her appointed chairperson, and additional elected members.  These members will be elected proportionally to the number of AEA members in each school.  In the event that these positions are not filled, the President will have the power to appoint individual members to these positions.


          Each year the President shall appoint such other special committees as may be necessary and shall discharge them upon completion of their duties.

          The chairpersons of the standing committees will receive a stipend for their work.  Changes in these stipends will be voted on by the Executive Board.


          The election of officers by ballot shall be held at the end of the school year such that the new officers may assume their offices effective June 1 of that same year.  Elections in each building shall be supervised by members appointed by the President, or by the Vice President if the sitting president is challenged for reelection.


          Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure shall be the parliamentary authority for the Acton Education Association on all questions not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws and such standing rules as the Executive Board may adopt.


          These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at any general membership meeting of the Acton Education Association provided that the proposed amendments have been previously studied by the Executive Board and that copies have been sent to Faculty Representatives to be distributed to all Acton Education Association members at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.

last amended - May 2005